We have a responsibility to our palates to provide delectable tastes whenever possible, but we also strive to be responsible in our approach. Banjo prides itself in being part of the craft coffee movement where there is an emphasis on quality products and quality process. Creating our cold brew in small batches ensures that each batch is perfect. As a consumer you should have a high-quality, crafted coffee ready-to-drink, and it’s part of our company’s mission to deliver that to you, consistently, every time. 

We also believe in doing business responsibly.  This means that we take time in our process to ensure that we have ethical standards for ourselves and our suppliers, vendors, and ingredients. We stay as local as possible with all our business dealings. We repurpose all leftover ground beans into compost or other products, such as body scrubs. We recycle all recyclable materials and try to reduce our footprint at each step of the process. 

Also, we have partnered with a local organization to donate $2.50 per every  bag of beans we buy directly to a food and farming-based charitable project. So every bottle you buy makes you that much more of a super hero! 

Most people drink coffee just as a necessity, but we CAFFEINATE RESPONSIBLY™.


  • Be responsible to your tastebuds 
    • Our specialty-grade beans are the top tier of beans in the world. 
    • We brew in small batches to ensure that each batch is perfect.
  • Be responsible to the environment 
    • Our glass bottles are fully recyclable.
    • Our manufacturing process is eco-friendly. 
  • Be responsible to others 
    • Our beans are sourced directly from the farmers and above Fair Trade standards.
    • A portion of each bag of beans that we buy goes directly to non-profit projects that promote sustainable food and farming.
    • We plan to support local organizations financially and through volunteering.